Properties for sale in Tel Aviv

We are a tipical tel-avivian couple : we live and breathe the city, in love with the colors, the smells, the urban scenery, and the multiculturalism this city has to offer. In recent years we\'ve been living in the American Colony, near Neve Tzedek (our former neighborhood) with Raphael and Pika.
We got involved in the real-estate business and specialized in it while working in other fields, out of genuine love and attachment to the diversified local architecture, the neighborhood\'s human texture and their potential.
A former advertising agent, currently an interior designer and construction and renovation project manager.
Loves fashion, reads every designer magazine there is and is addicted to small details
Certified real-estate agent.
Works in TV post-production. Owner of companies that provide post-production services for production companies and media outlets. Specializes in budget and human resources management.
Loves wine, loves to eat and misses India.
Certified real-estate agent.
We believe any communication must be based on reliability, clarity and accuracy.
Good business are built on attentiveness and good humor
We believe in creating a fair business environment, which allows for a win-win situation
Beauty, esthetics and harmony are an inseparable part of our physical existence.
We believe that a well-designed environment improves people behavior
We promote ours and our surrounding's wellbeing
Neve Tzedek, the American Colony, Jaffa
what does it for us?
The proximity to the sea, the multilingual population, the mixture of styles, Hakarmel Market, the Flea Market, Jaffa's fishermen, Suzanne Dellal Center, old and new, the port, the historic station complex, and the fact there's no place like it...

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 Kobi Reuveni

+(972) 528572523